Stands production
    It is not just about the photographs

    Originally, we wanted to just offer a professional realization of exhibitions. Our intention was to show the public the work of talented photographers, tell amazing stories, and promote unique projects. In order to make the exhibitions look how we needed, we had to start making our own stands right from the beginning. Those we kept improving with every new exhibition. After some time we achieved a sophisticated design of stands that proved in practice so well that we also decided to offer them for sale. The stands you can buy are the best ones we use ourselves.

    Stand 3D visualization
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    Exhibitions for rent
    Without a story, it’s just pictures

    The core of our exhibitions aren’t only glossy pictures or photos taken at exotic places. We are interested in the story behind every picture and the context in which it was taken. And it doesn’t matter wether it’s a story documenting life and career of a professional sportsman, exhibition about a unique non-profit project up in the Himalayas, or an educational exhibition about an everyday thing such as honey? Every topic, which we decide to transform into an exhibition, we treat with special care and always find a way how to present it in an original and attractive way.

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    Custom made exhibitions
    Your idea, our experience

    Because we also realize our own exhibitions and present our projects, we have all the necessary equipment and skills to realize your exhibition as well. From powerful computers and graphic software to stands and the realization of prints. Don’t hesitate to contact us - whether you have a project you want to present, a new product you want to introduce, or anything else you want to show to the public. We will work on your exhibition with the same enthusiasm with which we work on ours.

    Rent the stands
    To offer you a full service

    For photographers, shopping malls, conferences, sport and cultural events, non-profit organizations... all those are welcome to rent the stands. Interior or exterior, summer or winter - it doesn’t matter. Our stands are designed for all conditions. For outdoor exhibitions we also offer lighting so that you can install them in parks, town squares, anywhere and everywhere. Of course you don’t have to worry about transport or installation of the exhibition - it’s our job.

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