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We like making exhibitions. From the first moment when we search for the right topic through all the steps that need to be taken before the exhibition is ready. It gives us a chance to work with great people. Every exhibition is a chance to learn new things meet new people, enjoy the great feeling when the audience likes what we did.
Our goal is to inspire people through our exhibitions.
To make people excited and eager to do things and make their dreams and project come true. We want to show people that everything is possible, and to always bring new information or show things from a different point of view.

Large scale photographs exhibition

The Crown of the Himalayas - Radek Jaroš
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To chose just 20 photos documenting the 15 years of Radek Jaros’ (one of the best Czech climbers) climbing career
was an extremely difficult task. To turn his story into an exhibition was a great pleasure.

Large scale photographs exhibition

The Sun School for Kargyak
Construction of a school in the Indian Himalayas

Sun School is the name of a school in Kargyak, a remote village up in the Indian Himalayas, which was built by a group of Czech enthusiasts. The school is a fascinating project - not just by what it brings to the local people but also by the way it was realized. The building of the school is based on a school project of Honza Tilinger, it was built thanks to the unselfish help of volunteers from all over the world, and was paid for by donors. The school today provides basic education for the local children. The goal of this exhibition is not just to inform about the project, but also to help with further fundraising to secure future of the school.

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Large scale photographs exhibition

Baikal II - 1300 Km solo
Crossing of the frozen Baikal lake

In 2010 two guys became the first Czechs to cross the frozen lake Baikal in Siberia which is almost 700 km long. In 2012 one of them went back to attempt a speed solo crossing together with a return journey. Everything he needed to survive in the harsh conditions of freezing Siberia was in a 100 kg sled which he dragged behind him. The exhibition called Baikal II documents both expeditions. It brings a comparison of the two adventures, let you take a look at the preparations, and also shows the beauty of Siberian nature.

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Large scale photographs exhibition

The Story of Honey
Fascinatingly interesting

For people, honey is a delicious and popular food. Above all, honey is a perfect and fascinating product of nature. Just imagine pure energy from the sun turned into a sweet, thick and golden fluid by the activity of plants and bees - that is exactly what honey is. In every drop of honey we can see a fascinating coordination of many complex chemical processes, activities of plants, and work of honey bees. It may surprise you that people have nothing to do with the whole process of honey making. People only learned how to take and use finished honey from the bees.

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Large scale photographs exhibition

The Crown of the Himalayas
To the top of the highest mountains

There are only 14 peaks in the world that are higher than 8 000 meters above sea level. Still, it takes years before people manage to climb them all. Most of those who attempt this do not succeed, and some of them never come back from the mountains. The Crown of the Himalayas is not only an exhibition but it’s also a project of Radek Jaroš, an elite Czech climber, whose goal is to reach the tops of the 14 highest peaks in the world, and come back home safe and sound. This exhibition documents the 15 years of Radek’s effort to accomplish his goal. All he needs to succeed is to climb one last mountain - the hardest one, the feared K2.

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We can do your exhibition too

Companies, shopping malls, NGOs

Based on your needs and requirements, we will completely design your exhibition, prepare photographs, arrange for proofreading or translations, print and realize the exhibition, and rent you the stands for a lowered price. If necessary, we are able to create other accessories in our workshop - 3D models, display cases and such like.


Thanks to the co-operation with shopping malls, city parks and monuments we are also able to offer you locations in which you can realize your exhibition. In case of really unique photographic projects we offer also involvement in financing of the exhibition and arrangement of the best locations.