Custom made exhibitons
Your idea, our experience how to present it

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One example for all

Together with Radek Jaroš, an excellent Czech climber, we prepared an exhibition called The Crown of the Himalayas documenting the 15 years of Radek’s climbing career. We designed the slides, recommended the best photos for which we provided professional post-processing. We also arranged for proofreading and editing of the texts which provided Radek together with English translations. We also printed the slides, provided a new set of stands, and we’ve been taking care of the exhibition - we find and arrange new locations, transport, installation, and do maintenance.

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From graphic design, typesetting, printing ...

We’ll come up with an idea on how to best work with the topic of your exhibition, we’ll help you to pick the right photos, graphic style, and other accessories if necessary. We’ll connect you with our copywriters and translators, and we’ll help you to prepare all texts in Czech and English. If necessary, we can also arrange for translations into other languages.

In the end we prepare visually interesting design of the slides, we provide post-processing of the photographs, typesetting, and we also arrange for the printing. For printing we use ecological latex ink which we apply onto a special water-resistant stickers. We are able to provide resolution up to 1200 dpi. The prints are then laminated which protects them against mechanical damage. Prints prepared in such way can be used also in the exterior in all kinds of weather.

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... and finding locations ...

We find and arrange locations for your exhibitions - both in the interior and exterior. We take care of the transport and installation of the exhibition and also necessary maintenance. Based on the locality, we also provide lighting for the exhibition.

Photographic exhibition The Crown of the Himalays - Radek Jaroš
IBU World Championships, Vratislavovo náměstí, Nové Město na Moravě
February 2013

Photographic exhibition Baikal II
departure hall Terminal 2, Václav Havel Airport, Prague
January - March 2012

Photographic exhibition Baikal II
Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument , Prague
June - August 2012

Exhibition The Fascinating Story of Honey
AFI Palace Shopping Mall, Pardubice
August 2012

Exhibition The Fascinating Story of Honey
Connection hall betwen terminal 1 and 2, Václav Havel Airport, Prague
October 2012

... to meeting specific needs.

Made in Czech

Thanks to our technical equipment we are able to realize all kinds of other specific requirements. And we don’t think just leaflet holders or display cases. We are able to create a 3D model of K2 mountain made of fiberglass or a model of the car Trabant in which a group enthusiasts traveled across South America.

Webdesign, 3D visualizations

We’ll prepare propagation materials, documentation, or we design and program websites. From basic online presentation to a complex websites with a sophisticated content management system. This website on which you’re right know can serve as a showcase of what we can do in terms of online presentation. For demanding customers we can prepare 3D visualization of the exhibition including all details.